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Dominique ChickenWhile the Dominique chicken breed looks similar to the Plymouth Rock breed—both have black and white barring over the entire body—the former is a moderate sized bird with a distinguishing rose comb (the comb is flat and flower-like). The Dominique's heavy plumage protects the bird in cold weather and is used commercially as material for pillows and featherbeds.

Developed from introduced breeds from early New England settlements, the Dominique chicken was widely distributed across the eastern US by mid-19th century. The Dominique chicken is hardy, does well on the open range as well as in confinement, and is generally a calm bird. As a dual purpose bird, the hens lay light to dark brown eggs.

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Yellowbird Farms

  McMinnville, TN

Yellowbird Farms is proud to be certified humane by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) and certified grass- fed by American Grassfed Association (AGA). Yellowbird Farms is a sustainable, 100% grass-fed, family owned farm tucked away in middle Tennessee. (more...)

Yellow Creek Farm

  Prospect, PA

We are the White family. We sell Certified Naturally Grown produce and eggs from pastured hens here in Western Pennsylvania.. Our goal is to produce the same healthy food for our community that we produce for ourselves. We believe everyone should have access to the healthiest food available. (more...)


  Mount Horeb, WI

Wonderfarm is a woman-run permaculture-minded farm raising pastured heritage breed pork and laying hens while establishing fruit and nut trees. We feed no corn or soy and source our feed and bedding locally.(more...)

Windsor Farm

  Annapolis, MD

Windsor Farm is a 4th generation family farm located on the Broadneck Peninsula in Annapolis, MD. Purchased in 1901 by my father William Smith, it was originally a 175 acre farm that produced the best strawberries and peaches in the county along with all of the other fruits and vegetables that thrived on the peninsula. (more...)

Windhaven Farm

  Valders, WI

Welcome to our farm! We offer quality, humanely raised, grass-fed rabbit meat for sale for pickup from our small farm in Valders, WI. Our Rabbits are all grass-fed during the summer, and supplemented with pellets to ensure proper nutrition. (more...)

Willow City Farm

  Springfield, IL

Willow City Farm is a small-scale diversified farm in Central Illinois. The farm does not just produce one or two products like a typical farm, instead it operates more like a homestead and produces a multitude of crops and livestock which support each other using permaculture and other organic methods. (more...)