Welcome to Restless Heart Ranch! We raise pastured meat and egg laying chickens with care and conscience in Aromas, CA. Our layers are a mixed flock of heritage, traditional, and hybrid breeds, and each one offers a unique trait for egg production, egg color, foraging, and temperament. They have 2 acres of grass to roam each day. The eggs are brown, green, and white, and have firm, deep orange yolks. They are rich and delicious!

Our meat chickens are Cornish Cross, and grow into big, juicy birds with excellent texture and flavor. Being out on pasture, they are able to move around easily and behave more naturally than typical roasting chickens. They finish between 3 and 5 lbs. Currently, they are sold whole and fresh or frozen, depending on proximity to butchering. Organs and feet also available.

Please contact us to buy eggs or meat at our farm!

Listing last updated on May 22, 2016

Schedule and Location:

9 am to 7 pm, daily

2441 San Juan RD, Aromas.
Please call or text ahead to arrange pick up.

Next available fresh chickens: 5/29/16

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Delicious chicken and eggs! You can taste the difference between Restless Heart Ranch's and the conventional store bought. RHR's are fresher! Great to support locally grown as well.

The chickens at Restless Heart Ranch bring to your table and body LOVE, Carefree running, health, peace, and wild nutrition. Their home is happy, their diet is full, and they produce delicious eggs and meat. Order Now!

Restless Heart Ranch chickens taste extraordinary.

Is it the healthy environment? The food they eat? Their ability to move around? The love they get?

This is the best-tasting chicken available.... [more]

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