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The question of raw milk always tends to ruffle feathers among the public health department and people who believe that the pasteurized / sterilized version is undrinkable. Both sides recite pros and cons which in both cases sound either sensible or extreme.

But really, people should have a choice, particularly if the raw milk comes from a local dairy farm where you know the farmer and the cows by name. Small scale dairy farmers are personally devoted to the well-being of their cows 24 hours a day 365 days a year, it is one of the most demanding farming activities. All this, added to the strict demands made by U.S. agricultural health departments on dairy farmers should give some measure of reassurance and certainly the right to choose.

Keep in mind that raw milk is a living organism which, under the proper conditions, will naturally acidify as it ages, (pasteurized milk will never acidify, it will simply spoil). Raw milk opens up several new possibilities, like butter and cheese making at home.

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