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Jersey Giant ChickenThe Black and White Jersey Giant Chickens are true to their name, as they are the largest capon table birds produced in the US. The Jersey Giant was developed in New Jersey in the 1870s by crossing several large, Asiatic breeds, to meet the demand for caponized heavy fowl. The Black Jersey Giant has yellow skin, black plumage that has a green sheen and dark brown eyes. The White Giant Jersey variety was developed from the Black Giants and is a large bird with white plumage, dark brown eyes and yellow skin.

Both the White and Black Jersey Giants produce brown to dark brown eggs even through the cold winter. Because it takes time to grow their large frame, they have little meat until about six months. With such a long growth period, these chickens often lose out in the industry to more rapidly growing birds. Currently, there are fewer than 5000 breeding birds for both the Black and White Jersey Giants in the US.

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Zabiha Halal

  Youngstown, FL

This Farm is closed due to excessive vandalism, theft and repeated episodes of racial violence and destruction of the property. The local sheriff's department of bay county florida is a part of all this. This county is like a kkk headquarters.(more...)

Yellow Wall Farm

  Santa Cruz, CA

Yellow Wall Farm is small family farm, located in a fertile hidden valley along the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz. Our land has been organically farmed for many years. We sell fruit from our orchard - heirloom apples, asian pears, persimmons, peaches and pears. Our main crop is tomatoes: heirloom and dry farmed Early Girl. (more...)

Windy Meadow Farm

  Grass Lake, MI

Small family farm offering grain fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef and pasture raised, grain finished lamb - a few at a time. Beef is for sale by the quarter, half or whole and lamb is available by the whole. We pay for the processing and you pick up at our farm. Free range eggs, home baked goods, pickles and preserves also are available.(more...)

Windsor Farm

  Annapolis, MD

Windsor Farm is a 4th generation family farm located on the Broadneck Peninsula in Annapolis, MD. Purchased in 1901 by my father William Smith, it was originally a 175 acre farm that produced the best strawberries and peaches in the county along with all of the other fruits and vegetables that thrived on the peninsula. (more...)

Willow Tree Farm NM

  Farmingtin , NM

WE are a small farm in the four corners area. We raise a large garden and also have dairy Goats and Cows, chickens, quail, ducks for . We offer shares on milk and eggs. I am a Certified Herbalist and will be growing lots of herbs this year for my herbal tea blends and also slaves and our homemade goats milk soap.(more...)

Willow City Farm

  Springfield, IL

Willow City Farm is a small-scale diversified farm in Central Illinois. The farm does not just produce one or two products like a typical farm, instead it operates more like a homestead and produces a multitude of crops and livestock which support each other using permaculture and other organic methods. (more...)