We are young farmers who live on a historic, falling-apart old farm. It was previously farmed by at least 4 generations of family before us, but had been out of farming use for many years before we started again.

We are now selling out of relatively new market house, which we have had in use for the past 4 seasons. We have put some of the most difficult seasons imaginable behind us. The 2014 season was filled with severe flooding. 2015 brought more severe flooding, followed by drought, which caused great damage and crop failures. 2016 consisted of severe drought, though we were able to deal with this successfully. We attempted to offer a CSA in 2015 to try to better manage our costs, but it was later canceled due to lack of interest and at this point is no longer being offered.

Sales are still very tepid, but hope springs eternal. We have joined the Seed Savers Exchange and are growing out our collection of endangered local varieties of corn and beans, particularly favoring Haudenosaunee varieties. Our 2016 corn growouts included Six Nations Blue, Katie Wheeler/Iroquois Calico, Tuscarora White, Navajo Robin's Egg, and Warners corns in addition to many rare bean varieties. In the growing stage is a small orchard and a selection of small/cane fruits which will hopefully provide us with fruit eventually. Our chickens are laying pastured brown and blue/green eggs.

We currently offer fresh vegetables and fruits in-season, as well as maple syrup, popcorn, and eggs all year round (subject to availability). We also offer some wild products, such as ramps/wild leeks, watercress, hickory nuts, and some wild jams and applesauce. Some vegetables are also held in cool storage (such as potatoes, onions, carrots, beets) for sales all year round as conditions permit.

We also periodically offer informational sessions on maple sugaring, foraging, canning and preserving, seed saving, and other outdoor/farm skills.

About half of our planted seed is certified organic, though we do not focus on procuring organic seed, and a few varieties - particularly with beans and sweet corn - may have been treated before planting. Beyond that, we do our best to ensure that all plants and produce are grown without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or other chemicals, though in years of extreme conditions or heavy disease pressure we will administer whatever we deem necessary to ensure the survival of a crop. No chemicals are added in storage or processing of any product.

We are happy to answer any questions.

Our farm stand is open at irregular hours throughout the entire summer, as we work full time jobs to pay the bills. Appointments can be made and products can be ordered by contacting us via email. The majority of our items are only sold locally; we do not ship products other than our rare variety seed packets/seed lots. Thanks for reading!

Listing last updated on Oct 31, 2017

Grower of oddities, keeper of endangered seeds, jack-of-all-trades, and rooster wrangler extraordinare!

Schedule and Location:

On farm direct sales throughout the summer, red market shack visible from roadside. Hours irregular. Contact us for an appointment.

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Great little farm and nice people. We've only gotten eggs so far, but their produce looks awesome as well.

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