Find Melons

Melons originated in the Middle East, spread to Egypt and Rome and eventually became extremely popular all over the Mediterranean region. Supposedly Columbus himself brought the first melon seeds to America on one of his first voyages.

It's not so easy to choose a perfectly ripe melon, if it's unripe leave it at room temperature until it ripens. Once cut, it has to be refrigerated, but always leave the seeds in so that it doesn't dry out.

Here are a few members of the family:

  • Casabas: these are white fleshed, pale yellow outside. One of the sweetest.
  • Crenshaw: the biggest, a hybrid between casaba and Persian lemon.
  • Honeydew: Green fleshed, white skinned.
  • Persian : One of the best, russet colored, orange fleshed.
  • Santa Claus: Obviously so-called because it's in season in December. It's similar to watermelon, down to the green stripes, and not too sweet.

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