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Some people would argue that a salad is not a salad without lettuce. This veggie probably originated in Asia Minor where it was served on the tables of Persian kings and from there spread to Greece, Rome and the rest of Europe. Columbus introduced lettuce into the New World where it was cultivated wherever there were European settlers.

There are four botanical varieties and many types in each category. To name only a few (new varieties are constantly appearing): Boston type lettuce is delicate and tender, so is Bibb but crisper. Endive has a tight head of elongated leaves. Escarole is coarser, slighty bitter. Iceberg is delicious and adds crunchiness to any salad (its leaves should be torn not cut). Leaf lettuce has loose curly leaves in greens and reds. Romaine has long crisp leaves which will take a lot of tossing.

Having only lettuce salad on Mondays, after a weekend overeating will cleanse your soul and your insides!

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