Salad Greens

salad greens

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Many varieties of veggies are used as salad greens, imparting a wide range of flavors and textures to all sorts of great salads.

Here's a brief description of some leafy veggies used as salad greens:

  • Arugula: also known as rocket or rugola. It is peppery and tangy.
  • Finnochio: or fennel, the lacy leaves impart a mild anise flavor.
  • Corn salad: has a mild nutty flavor, rounded leaves which grow into small rosettes.
  • Radiccio: Italian chicory, slightly bitter, red and white leaves.
  • Lollo Rosso: mild, lightly ruffled, red leaf tips.
  • Mizuna: an Asian green leaf with jagged edges, used in salads or as a garnish.
  • Tot soi: another Asian salad leaf, mild and peppery.
  • Oak leaf: like the name suggests it has deeply indented tender leaves.
  • Frisee: a type of endive with frizzy yellow to dark green leaves.
  • Belgian endive: slightly bitter, yellow white elongated leaf.

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