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dried fruits

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Basically, by dried fruits we mean fruits which have undergone a drying or dehydrating process to preserve them. This process also concentrates the sugar in the fruit so not only will it be sweeter but also higher in "good" calories and concentrated nutrients.

To give you an idea of just how concentrated in goodness dried fruits can be you must realize that it takes almost 6 lbs of fresh fruit to yield 1 lb of dried. This makes dried fruits an ideal source of concentrated energy and fiber and the perfect food to carry in a knapsack whether you are a mountain climber or a school kid.

The oldest method of drying fruit consists in simply placing it outdoors in the sunshine. However, several days of scorching sun and no rain whatsoever are required for this method to be successful.

Another method consists in placing the fruit in a slow oven for hours on end. Results can be dark, brittle and inedible.

Dehydrators give the best results.

Practically all fruits can be dried, and there are hundreds of new combinations apart from the dear oldies-but-goodies such as raisins, prunes, apricots and figs.

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