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Yellow-Meated WatermelonThe Tohono O'Odham people, who are now the watermelon's cultural stewards, originally cultivated this yellow-meated fruit. The Yellow-meated watermelon is also known as Gepi by the Tohono O'odham people and as Sikyatko by the Hopi people. Watermelons were among the most important crops to the Piman and Hopi peoples, who ate them for six months of the year. This watermelon has been adopted by many chefs in the Arizona area. Chef Janos Wilder's restaurant in Tucson as well as Kai restaurant at the Wild Horse Pass resort outside Phoenix served the fruit as a cold soup. When Father Eusebio Kino arrived among the Piman peoples of Southern Arizona in the late 1680s, he was startled to find watermelons being grown throughout the region.

The large oval watermelons have mottled green skin and bright orange-yellow meat. The prolific vines sprawl in all directions and are able to survive the high summer temperatures that are common to the desert environment. Though the Yellow-meated plant can be planted anytime after the last frost, Tohono O'odham farmers typically plant seeds after the onset of the summer monsoons when fields become irrigated with rainwater harvested from distant mountains.

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Wolfe Pen Creek Farm

  Lone Oak, TX

A traditional family farm with Non-traditional capabilities. Over 4 acres of cultivated crops and orchard. We provide already picked. Peaches, blueberries,blackberries, and strawberries with both winter and summer time vegetables. Winter crops include onions, broccoli, kale, turnips, potatoes, and collard greens. (more...)

WitnessTree Land & Livestock

  Gerald, MO

We are a small family farm focusing on rare and heritage breeds of livestock and poultry and heirloom seeds. We also utilize some animal-powered farming methods, and are proponents of farming "the old way". We grow most of what we eat and strive to be more sustainable as we go along. (more...)

Windy River Eco Farm

  Big Lake, MN

Think outside the box! Windy River Eco Farm is a small farm using chemical free and sustainable techniques, with an emphasis on flavorful heirloom varieties. A large variety of tasty crops are grown so the season is well-supplied. We don't pack boxes. (more...)

Wilson Banner Ranch

  Clarkston, WA

Our landmark family heritage farm has been sustainably run and diversified for over 100 years. The orchards have many varieties dating back to the first fruit trees in the state. We believe in using environmentally friendly, scientifically proven methods of farming. (more...)

Wild n Woolly Acres

  Salado , TX

Small agricultural and horticultural farm growing a wide cross section of seasonal fruits and produce, eggs, honey and select speciality items in an organic environment. (more...)

Wild Carrot Farm LLC

  Torrington, CT    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Wild Carrot Farm LLC. USDA Certified Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, and Herbs. We are transitioning to a new location in 2021 and will not be offering CSA shares this year.(more...)