Find Radishes In

Radishes are the ideal first vegetable for small, impatient kids to plant in the vegetable plot, the seeds will sprout a couple of days after sowing and be ready to be harvested in a month. They are also a good companion plant to spinach, cucumber, lettuce and peas.

Radishes are members of the mustard family, good for the digestion, mildly laxative and, as everyone knows, very low in calories. Radishes are eaten raw, in dips or salads, and if I may suggest my own personal favorite: thinly sliced radish and red onion, chopped tomato, chilies, chopped parsley and creamy avocado slices. This side dish goes really well with a simple fish fillet, poached or sauteed.

Harvest when young, small and crunchy, (they tend to get cork-like in old age) unless of course you are participating in the Oaxaca, Mexico, Radish Festival where local artisans sculpt small animals, saints, virgins and cathedrals out of giant radishes.

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