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The name of the Shagbark Hickory is telling of both its appearance and its utility. Mature trees are easily recognizable by their shaggy bark, as the name implies. Furthermore, the word hickory is derived from the word pawcohiccora, an Algonquin term for a ground meal made from the nuts.

The Shagbark Hickory is a large deciduous tree that reaches 40 meters in height and can live for 200 years. The nuts are gathered in the fall in the eastern US, from Maine to eastern Texas.

Though the trees are seldom grown commercially, their nuts are edible and are championed by those who know the taste personally. The flavor of the nut is sweet and very rich with no trace of bitterness. Besides the nuts, Hickory is also a highly coveted wood used in wood-burning stoves because of its high caloric content and smoky flavor; these characteristics also make the wood preferred for smoke-curing meats. Also, extract from the Hickory bark is used in an edible syrup that is similar to maple syrup in texture, but with a savory, slightly bitter, smoky taste.

The Shagbark Hickory nut was a staple in the diets of the American Indians and early colonists hundreds of years ago. Traditionally, American Indians gathered the nuts and cured them in a dry spot for about a week. Once dry, great care and patience was used to excavate the nutmeat from the hard white shell. The shell was carefully cracked using a specific nut-cracking device and then manipulated from its shell, all while trying to preserve the nut in its entirety.

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crispy farms

  apopka, FL

We are a small family farm complete with cows, chickens, ducks, goats and rabbits. We operate a functional, sustainable homestead and support ourselves by selling non-GMO plants and seeds that we grow onsite. All of our seeds and plant are heirloom varieties that have been personally tested over many decades for use in a Southeastern climate. (more...)

WitnessTree Land & Livestock

  Gerald, MO

We are a small family farm focusing on rare and heritage breeds of livestock and poultry and heirloom seeds. We also utilize some animal-powered farming methods, and are proponents of farming "the old way". We grow most of what we eat and strive to be more sustainable as we go along. (more...)

Windsong Farm

  Warren, NJ    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Come join the farm next door! Located on the site of New Jersey's oldest organic farm, Windsong Farm is now accepting members in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. From our farm to your table: fresh, nutritious, responsibly-grown, certified organic vegetables. Why choose Windsong Farm? (more...)

Willow Bend Farm

  Hiltons, VA

Willow Bend Farm is a family owned sustainable farm. We raise heritage breed ducks and dairy goats and grow heirloom vegetables. We also grow gourmet mushrooms, tend to our honey bees and offer workshops on a variety of topics.(more...)

Wildgrown Farm

  Lumberport, WV

We are located on 90 acres on the bank of the Little Ten Mile Creek in Harrison county West Virginia. The Myers family has occupied this property for over 45 years. Many natural fruits, nuts, and vegetables grow naturally in the wild on our property.(more...)

Wild Apple Farms

  Dexter, MI

Wild Apple Farms was founded to provide a simple, honest, old world link to the past with natural and organic, artistic, ecologically inspired ways of today. Where the ancient meets the future. And the present...benefits. (more...)