Pleasant Valley Farm is a family-run farm offering seasonal, organic produce & herbs, free range & grass-fed pork, beef, lamb, chicken and eggs, and home canned products. Dan is a second generation farmer and we use the same methods Pleasant Valley Farm has been known for since 1990. We use Belgian draft horses to cultivate our fields and our use of cover crops, mulches and hand weeding also lessen our environmental impact. We rely on heirloom vegetables whenever possible.

All our produce is grown using sustainable, organic methods. We have a wide variety of seasonal vegetables for sale, from lettuce, rhubarb and peas in the spring to pumpkins, winter squash and potatoes in the fall. All our animals are pastured, giving them room to run and play. We do not use hormones, antibiotics or growth enhancing chemicals of any kind. The results are lean meats with the nutritional benefits of grass fed methods. They also taste great, and you can feel good knowing the animals were treated in a humane manner. Our gourmet jams, mustards and other products are made right here in our home kitchen, using fresh ingredients from our garden, and contain no artificial chemicals or colorants. We also naturally ferment our own vinegars. Dan is also a blacksmith offering hand-forged metal work and Emily creates natural body care items, vintage-inspired aprons and more. Our non-food handiwork is available in our online shop, The Forge at Pleasant Valley Farm, and ships worldwide.

We are a small hatchery and offer live heritage breed chicks, turkey poults, ducklings, quail and peachicks for those interested in starting their own flock as well as pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits. While we do not offer farm tours, we do allow visitors to get up close and even feed the birds when you visit during regular business hours.

Listing last updated on Jul 6, 2020

We will not have public hours in 2020. We hope to see you at the stand in 2021!

Visit our website to get directions, see what's in season, and check out lots of photos of the critters, plus links to our online shop offering hand forged metal, natural body care, vintage treasures and more.

Schedule and Location:

Our roadside farm stand is open beginning Memorial Day weekend and running through the end of November yearly.

We are located 5 miles south of Tionesta, just off of Route 36. Visit our website for a map of our location, or email us for directions. (Please note GPS programs often take you to an incorrect location.)

We are open on Saturdays from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM and Tuesdays from noon - 6:00 PM, June-October. Other pick up times are by appointment only. No Sunday sales.

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When we moved from Pittsburgh to East Hickory in January 2010 it was a huge adjustment. We were used to having Whole Foods stores and organic meats and produce available on every corner; this was not the case in our new town we soon realized.... [more]

We have been to Pleasant Valley Farm several times this summer. We have enjoyed the chicken, sirloin steak, breakfast sausage, eggs, Emily's pickles, and some of the veggies.... [more]

Pleasant Valley Farms is everything I was looking for: great food, grown responsibly, close to home, and run by a local family I can respect. We enjoy the grass fed beef, the delicious pork, juicy chickens, healthy eggs and veggies and Emily's own preserves.... [more]

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