The Silver Fox Rabbit

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Silver Fox RabbitThe Silver Fox Rabbit is truly a multi-purposed breed whose genetic make-up has never been divulged. Today it is critically endangered with fewer than fifty annual North American registrations and there is a global population of less than 500.

The bucks can weight up to eleven pounds and does up to twelve pounds as adults. The does have large litters, produce plenty of milk and are excellent mothers. The young are born either solid black or blue and begin to show silvering of their fur at about four weeks. The silvering process takes about four months to complete. The fur is the animal's most attractive and unusual feature. It is extremely dense and 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length. When the fur is stroked from tail to head, it will stand straight up until stroked in the opposite direction. The Silver Fox rabbit has a deep loin that provides good meat proportions on the carcass. The taste of its meat is of high quality with a fine texture and taste.

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Wintermarket on Elmwood

  buffalo, NY

We have tried to create a great place to shop for your local favorites in warmth. Blackman Homestead has put together some beautiful gift baskets and bags full of their wonderful butters and fruit delights. Bonnie George of Painted Meadows took some of her delish fresh turkeys and had them smoked. Perfect, for a holiday get together. (more...)

Wild Opinion Ranch

  Redmond, OR

Our small farm has grown out of a desire to bring fresh real food to people. Without the help of family or a bank for financial and moral support we decided that since we could not buy a farm we would rent land and turn it into a farm. Which is what we did. (more...)

Whitmore Farm

  Emmitsburg, MD

Small historic farm located in Frederick county Maryland. We raise grass-fed and grass-finished lamb, goat, pork, rabbit and eggs. All of our animals are pastured resulting in more nutritious and better tasting meat and eggs. Seasonal produce year around (e.g., tomatoes, beets, beans, peppers, etc.). (more...)

Walton's Hill Farm

  Springfield, TN

Walton's Hill Farm is an all natural berry farm that grows blueberries, strawberries, blackberries as well as muscadines, apples and mulberries. We are a "mom and pop" farm that supports organic growing techniques, small acreage farming and homesteading.(more...)

Tioga Homestead

  Millerton, PA

Tioga Homestead is a working family operated homestead farm, growing our own chemical, GMO free food for aver 20 years. We are now beginning to branch out and grow surplus to supply people passionate about the quality of the food they eat. This year we are focusing on naturally raised truly free range poultry. (more...)