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PVF is a truly a mecca for the Organic eater...
By:    (Aug 26, 2010)

When we moved from Pittsburgh to East Hickory in January 2010 it was a huge adjustment. We were used to having Whole Foods stores and organic meats and produce available on every corner; this was not the case in our new town we soon realized. I began to google organic food locations in January and was happy to have found an online delivery program, but I was THRILLED to find PVF! To have to wait from until April /May to visit my new found mecca was excrusiating, but it was SO WORTH IT (and now we will be stocking up to aleviate the lack of availability during the winter months).

PVF is a place we look forward to visiting nearly every Saturday. We love visiting the farm and seeing the animals and Emily.

The meats are to die for and knowing that they aren't full of hormones and that their veggies aren't laden with pesticides gives us peace of mind and I know that when I cook a meal it is truly healthy for my family.

The heritage breeds are a favorite of my husbands. We are planning to buy a heritage breed turkey for Thanksgiving this year and will be sharing it with extend family members knowing that it is healthy and wholesome and YUMMY too!

The roasts, both pork and beef, are fabulous. Put them in the crockpot with some broth and veggies (potatoes from PVF are definitely a favorite of ours too) and leave it on low all day while you go to work. Come home and the meat literally falls apart because it is so tender.

The+ recent scare with eggs and salmonella didn't even phase me because I knew that we get ours weekly from PVF.

Other items we love are the vinegars... put them on meats and salads and skip the processed, fat and calorie laden dressings you buy from the grocery store that have been sitting there for who knows how long.

We are excited to eat some of the lamb that we just purchased, but I know that it will be scrumptous as well.

I can't say enough good things about the farm, Emily and the animals. The quality and freshness are amazing and we will be customers for a very long time.

See you Saturday Emily!

Joe and Lyndsie DeVito's

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Thrilled with Pleasant Valley Farm
By: Betsy Homan    (Aug 7, 2010)

We have been to Pleasant Valley Farm several times this summer. We have enjoyed the chicken, sirloin steak, breakfast sausage, eggs, Emily's pickles, and some of the veggies. Everything we have tried tastes wonderful, but even better is the feeling I get from feeding my family such fresh wholesome food. It is very important to me that our meats are raised in a caring and responsible way, with a healthy diet, room to move, etc.

I find that I pass up supermarket meat now. I would rather have a couple vegetarian meals and wait until Saturday to get the good stuff from Emily!

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Answer to prayer--5 stars!
By: Gayle Davis    (Aug 1, 2010)

Pleasant Valley Farms is everything I was looking for: great food, grown responsibly, close to home, and run by a local family I can respect. We enjoy the grass fed beef, the delicious pork, juicy chickens, healthy eggs and veggies and Emily's own preserves. Try the Black Forest Preserves--that's my favorite--great on toast and ice cream and can be used instead of frosting on any kind of cake. We are also crazy about her sliced dill pickles. We can go through a whole jar in one sitting with crackers and some of the local cheese they sell. Pleasant Valley Farms is the cornerstone of a happy, healthy, self-sustaining local community and we consider ourselves extremely blessed to have found them..

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Pleasant Valley Farm - Beautiful!
By:    (May 29, 2009)

I visited Pleasant Valley Farm last weekend with my family. It is a lovely place to visit. Emily Stevenson was charming and informative. We were introduced to chickens, roosters, geese, pigs, a cute little lamb and three calves.We purchased eggs, bacon and sausage. The bacon is delicious and lean. The sausage hasn't been opened yet, but the eggs are all different colors like gems and they are the freshest and most delicious I have ever had. I will be back soon for more!

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