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Narragansett TurkeyThe Narragansett turkey is named for Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. It descends from a cross between native Eastern Wild turkeys and domestic turkeys brought by English and European colonists. Improved and standardized for production qualities, the Narragansett was the foundation of the turkey industry in New England.

The Narragansett variety is similar in color to the Bronze breed, though it is lighter in color and in build. Narragansett turkeys are gray or dull black with a white bar on the wing feathers. The beak is horn colored, and the head is red to bluish white. The Narragansett is known for its calm disposition and maternal qualities, as well as early maturation, good laying, and excellent meat quality. This variety is smaller than the Bronze, with hens weighing 18 pounds and toms 30 pounds.

Though the Narragansett was not as historically popular as the Bronze, it has been widely used throughout New England and the Midwestern states. It lost most of its popularity during the twentieth century and it has not been a fashionable commercial variety since then. Its potential use today for small-scale, outdoor turkey production is gaining popularity.

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  Red House, WV

We are a small farm operation raising goats, poultry, rabbits and produce. We are specializing in "heritage breeds" and "heirloom varieties" and most of our production is utilizing "pasture raised" or "free-range" management. (more...)

Zeigekase Farm (goatcheese farm)

  Live Oak , FL

German family farm Workshoppes. and CHILDRENS FARM WORKSHOPPES german heavy european breads fresh pasta polish crustiki and peirogi spatzel Goatmilk soap and facial foaming washes and lotion (Very popular with the children) organic veggie stand Open daily GOATMILK FUDGE (more...)

Yellow House Farm

  Barrington, NH

Situated on five acres in Barrington, NH, Yellow House Farm is a modest homestead celebrating the rich cultural heritage of farming in New England. We are proud to unite with other area farmers to provide our community with the benefits of locally grown, healthy food. (more...)

YWF Meats

  Lexington, NC

We are a small family farm specializing in Heritage breed livestock and meat, milk and eggs from animals raised naturally on pasture. Our cattle, sheep and goats are completely forage fed. Our poultry and pigs are on pasture and are supplemented with non-GMO, locally grown whole grains and peas.(more...)

Wintermarket on Elmwood

  buffalo, NY

We have tried to create a great place to shop for your local favorites in warmth. Blackman Homestead has put together some beautiful gift baskets and bags full of their wonderful butters and fruit delights. Bonnie George of Painted Meadows took some of her delish fresh turkeys and had them smoked. Perfect, for a holiday get together. (more...)

Windswept Farmstead

  Cedar Grove, WI

We sustainably raise homegrown chicken, Berkshire hogs, and heritage turkeys. We work with a friend to also provide home raised Suffolk lamb. Meat can be purchased by full or half animal. We also offer an incredible omnivore CSA option. (more...)