Long Shadow Farm is a small, family-run farm in beautiful Berthoud, Colorado. We raise pork, lamb and eggs on our small farm. Our pork is pasture raised, and have plenty of room to roam and graze, and are supplemented with feed, veggies and other snacks. Our lambs are grass fed, and live with their mother ewes their whole life. We use no antibiotics and no hormones in our animals.

Currently Available:

  • Pork available for reservation $4.00/lb + processing fees
    [li] Lamb available for reservation $6.00/lb + processing fees

    Next processing dates are APRIL and MAY of 2021

    Visit our website at www.longshadowfarm.com to learn more and place a deposit for a whole or half lamb or pork

  • Listing last updated on Sep 22, 2020

    Pork being processed in MAY 2021! Reservations still available
    Lamb being processed in April 2021! Reservations still available

    Are you looking for poultry? We want to sell it to you. But our county doesn't allow pastured poultry as a use by right on lands that are zoned for Agriculture. We want to raise it for you, and Larimer County needs to hear from you, that you want to support, small, pastured poultry farms! Google "LUC 2020 Public Comment" and let them know how you feel!

    Schedule and Location:

    Visits to the farm are by appointment only

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    Pastured Poultry in Larimer County


    Did you know that the current land use code in Larimer County, for properties like mine that are zoned for agriculture - that we can raise 10 livestock per acre as a USE BY RIGHT. What does that mean? Use by Right are the things you can do on your property without having to ask for permission or permits from the county.... [more]

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