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Morgan Farms at Acre Hill Homestead is a small, suburban farm in Frederick County, Maryland. It all started with a desire to plant a garden and have a few backyard chickens. From there, it grew. We raise heritage rabbits and ducks, as well as a flock of blue-egg-laying chickens. Available for sale are chicks, hatching eggs, eating eggs, rabbit breeding stock, rabbit meat, rabbit manure and rabbit pelts.

We currently raise and hatch Ameraucana and Olive Egger chickens. We also have pedigreed American Blue and French Angora rabbits. New for 2014 is a small flock of Welsh Harlequin ducks. We maintain two beehives on our property and hope to have honey available in summer of 2015.

We believe in preserving the heritage breeds we have raise here on our property.

Our chickens and ducks are fed non-GMO and unmedicated feed and our rabbits are fed a primarily pellet-based diet. Rabbit growers are often raised in pasture arks on grass, or given supplemental greens while they're growing.

Rabbit breeding stock pricing depends on the quality and age of the animal, but on average is $35 to $60.

Rabbit meat is available at select times during the year for $7.50 per pound. Rabbit manure is sold $5 for a 50-pound feedbag full. Rabbit pelts (raw) start at $2.00 a pelt.

Chicken eggs are $4 for a dozen medium and $4.50 for a dozen large.

Chick prices: Ameraucana: $7, Olive/Easter Eggers: $6. Hatching eggs: $1.5/egg for Olive/Easter eggers and $2.5/egg for Ameraucana.

Duckling prices: $8 Hatching eggs: $2.5/egg

If you are interested in homemade marshmallows, contact us for flavors and pricing.

Listing last updated on Oct 27, 2014

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2014

# of Shares:  7

Share Prices:  $18 per month for 4 dozen large chicken eggs $16 per month for 4 dozen medium chicken eggs

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

All products offered for sale can be picked up on-farm. Call ahead to check for availability

Wholesale rabbit meat available, please contact for more info. We would love to see our rabbit at your restaurant!

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