We are a family farm using sustainable farming practices. We strive for balance and using natural ways of replenishing the land. Our heritage breeds of poultry and livestock live in rotational pastures and paddocks allowing them to exhibit their natural behaviors. We believe strongly in humane animal treatment and allowing animals to live natural, happy lives.

Our sheep are Navajo-Churro which are descendents from the first sheep brought to the Americas by the Spanish. They have wonderful wool, produce nice milk, and are excellent for eating with sweet, mild meat. Our sheep are entirely grass fed on our farm. They graze our orchards and clean our alfalfa field (non GMO, no spray) of weeds. They also get our home grown or neighbor grown hay. Breeding stock are available, whole and half lambs, cuts of lamb, and wholesale sales are available throughout the year. Navajo-Churro are listed on the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste and the American Livestock Breed's Conservation priority list.

We raise American rabbits which are one of the rarest recognized breeds of rabbits. Developed in California for dual meat and fur production their numbers dwindled when commercial producers concentrated on just the New Zealand and Californian breeds. Our rabbits are born in spacious cages under the protection of our barn and moved to movable grazing pens when they are weaned so that they can eat grasses, herbs, and legumes. Our rabbit grazing pens provide the majority of our mowing in our yard and gardens. American rabbits are listed on the American Livestock Breed's Conservation priority list.

We raise Tamworth and Berkshire hogs known for their bacon and delicious meat. Our hogs are fed natural grains and home grown hay. We have developed some special hay mixes just for the hogs that contain extra nutrients they need. We also grow an heirloom variety of flint corn for the hogs. All hog feed is non-GMO. Whole and half hogs are sold year round.

We have several breeds of heritage turkeys such as Narragansett, Spanish Black, and Bourbon Reds. Our turkeys are entirely free range and for the most part big pets! They like hanging around the house and checking out our activities. We sell purebred poults in the Spring. All our turkey varieties are listed on the American Livestock Breed's Conservation priority list.

All of our animals are raised without growth hormones and antibiotics. On the rare occasion an animal gets sick and an antibiotic can help it we will administer to that single animal separate from the others. But that animal is then marked and never sold to meat customers.

Listing last updated on Sep 14, 2013

Navajo-Churro lamb available June through December 2013. Whole and half lambs to private individuals and restaurants. Cuts of lamb also available. Milk-fed lamb available occasionally.

Tamworth/Berkshire cross hogs available by the whole and half hog in September through December 2013.

Free drop off point in Menlo Park California.

Free home delivery in Woodland and Davis California.

More delivery options on our website.

Markets on LocalHarvest

Schedule and Location:

Palo Alto Farmers Market, Gilman St and Hamilton Ave, 8 am to Noon Saturdays - We only attend every two to three weeks. Check our website or Twitter for our next farmer's market day.

Schedule and Location:

All meats can be picked up at the farm upon appointment.

We also offer several delivery options.

Free drop off point in Menlo Park California.

Free home delivery in Woodland and Davis California.

Free meeting point deliveries on Wednesdays, mid day, in Vacaville, Fairfield, Emeryville, and San Bruno.

Navajo-Churro lamb by the whole lamb and cuts of lamb.

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