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Orange Oxheart TomatoThe Orange Oxheart tomato is a family heirloom from the Virginias region of the US. This fruit has a deep orange skin paired with dense orange flesh. It is heart-shaped and can grow to a large size, often weighing in at one pound or more. The meat of the tomato is dense with a rich aroma. This heirloom tomato has superior flavor and its meatiness makes it excellent for salsas and canning.

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the Red Windmill

  Louisville, KY

The Red Windmill is a small specialty farm established in 2005 for the purpose of growing a wide variety of unusual, gourmet, heirloom and endangered food that is otherwise unavailable to the general public. We plan to use the principles of sustainable agriculture or permaculture to grow fresh fruits and vegetables to be sold to local consumers. (more...)


  Franklinton, LA

We're a diversified small farm located a few miles north of Folsom. My father and I raise free range, pastured broiler chickens, heirloom vegetables, and mushrooms using sustainable methods.(more...)

delli Carpini Farm

  Beaverdam, VA

A diverse old-fashioned vegetable farm, we specialize in open-pollinated heirloom varieties from Italy, France, Eastern Europe, Asia, The US and Meso-America. Our farm practices include no-spray, bio-intensive, cover cropping, rotation, companion planting, farmscaping and planting by the moon. (more...)


  a, ID


Woodstock Farmers Market

  Woodstock, IL

We are a producers market; only products grown, raised, or made by our local vendors can be sold at this market. (more...)

Wilson Banner Ranch

  Clarkston, WA

Our landmark family heritage farm has been sustainably run and diversified for over 100 years. The orchards have many varieties dating back to the first fruit trees in the state. We believe in using environmentally friendly, scientifically proven methods of farming. (more...)