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Those in prison: a prayer for the immigrant

Let us tonight remember those in prison, both those who suffer for their crime, and those who are wrongty held to account for the crimes of others, or for those crimes which they had long ago suffered and atoned for.  Let us remember those in prison whose only crime was desiring democracy and human rights.  Let us remember their suffering with compassion, and encourage their families who are by their imprisonment bereft of their family's leadership and support.  Let us remember their discomfort and humbly thank the almighty God of justice who knows their pain more than we can.

Let us today remember our immigration law, a law whose inhospitality is a shame to our nation, placing those who seek our friendship and help in prison, or returning them to their torment far from the home of their hearts.  Let us remember the fear of our prisons compels even good citizens to acts of cowardice when their hearts would have them undertake righteous acts of goodness on behalf of their brothers and sisters.

Let us remember today that these are our prisons.  That we are a free people, a democratic people, a people of laws of our own making.  That we build these prisons with our own money, that we staff them with officers of our courts, undertaking the orders of our own Judges.  Let us today pray that when we ourselves are Judged, in the courts we made or before our own maker, we shall have greater mercy than we have bestowed upon our own condemned.  Let us remember the limits of human mercy, and stand in awe of that tremendous mercy we needlessly fear.

Tonight we pray, remember us, these wretched beggars, who ask for what we do not deserve, who fear that which loves us, and hates that which would do us homage.

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