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Drought What to do and still have a great season

I live and farm in California that has its own problems, Right now we are in a drought which to other states is a normal thing,but to us its an OH MY GOD what do we do,I am surprised how fast  fellow farmers looked to the Government for help-- WHY they can't make water! Mind you we are not a large farm we have a CSA and Proteins, but the concern is the same, it is our lively hood, Here at Hog and Dogs Ranch/produce we have been using mulch for years to cut down on the water use,We are always open for suggestions to improve what we are doing, Most small farms feel the same way , with that said I found a website called Dancing Turtle it  has some great ideas for staying safe and still watering,our plants being concerned but not panic,taking it in hand instead of asking for a hand out let me know what you think..........


What is Food & Water Security?

Food and water security exists when all people have access to clean, safe, and healthy food and water.

Although the definition may state the obvious, it's not necessarily easy to achieve.  Depending on your location fresh, healthy, local foods are not always easy to obtain.  Our goal is to spread awareness and share our knowledge of fresh, local, and healthy foods.  We also strive to develop skills related to food production and consumption.

Water is an essential ingredient for sustaining life and all aspects of the food chain from production, transportation, and preparation to consumption.  Nearly 70 percent of the Earth's surface consists of water, yet only 2 percent of this water is fresh and only a small portion of this is readily accessible.  Despite these statistics, there's still a lot of water available, but given its importance and limitations it's a resource well worth taking care of.
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