We have been raising Reg Berkshire Hogs,Beef,Boer Goats the natural way for almost 28 years only selling privately. A few years ago we began growing heirloom vegetables and strange varieties not often seen in stores, noticing that the ones we did see were inferior and Expensive. My family and I want everyone to have the opportunity to eat pesticide and hormone free, No sprays are ever used here on anything. Not take out a loan to do so. We hope you give us a chance to provide you with quality ranch raised meats and vegetables that you can afford. Unfortunately we are not a you pick farm,and the Covid restrictions have caused us to downsize do to reg clients being strapped themselves that we deliver to, we do have customer appreciation events through out the year or should I say, WILL AGAIN The 2021 Season is soon to be upon us, We look forward to a better year of farming with our family and feeding yours. We are happy helping you eat healthy for a price You Can Afford. We are Proud to offer Family raised and harvested guilt free meats Never a Recall here

Listing last updated on Jan 6, 2021

e-mail us we will be glad to let you know what we are growing this year, Due to covid-19 we have had some struggles please know we are looking to 2021 with positivity. Let us know how we can help you enjoy farm raised meats,veg fruits.This has been a tough year for all farmers, More so for small farms like ours,If we can serve you better let us know,also if we do not have what your looking for,ask we will try to help you find a farm that does God Bless you and yours.

Season:  January through January

Type:  multiple farm

Since:  1987

# of Shares:  22

Share Prices:  $1250.00 per season enough for family 3 with meat pkg, Do to Covid 19 2020 season has been closed for pork beef and produce. We are in the process of planting for spring of 2021 harvest, we always have the famous sweet rolls

Work Req?  No

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I can't say enough good about the product we received from Hog and Dog and the service as well. The meat is excellent and they were so easy to work with.... [more]

I picked up my half a pig last week. The pork butt steaks were as good as beef. I served it to people who had never had farm pork, they were shocked. Conventional pork is dry as chicken breast, but this pork was something else.... [more]

Hey im going to need another year of your guys produce. Last year was great , everyone here liked it.

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Drought What to do and still have a great season


I live and farm in California that has its own problems, Right now we are in a drought which to other states is a normal thing,but to us its an OH MY GOD what do we do,I am surprised how fast  fellow farmers looked to the Government for help-- WHY they can't make water! Mind you we are not a large farm we have a CSA and Proteins, but the concern is the same, it is our lively hood, Here at Hog and Dogs Ranch/produce we have been using mulch for years to cut down on the water use,We are always open for suggestions to improve what we are doing, Most small farms feel the same way , with that said I found a website called Dancing Turtle it  has some great ideas for staying safe and still watering,our plants being concerned but not panic,taking it in hand instead of asking for a hand out let me know what you think.... [more]

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