Big Brook Farm

  (Lorraine, New York)
Babbling on Big Brook

Too much Rain

We have had entirely too much rain , I cant get the rest of the deer skin tanned, The green peppers would love more sunshine. I think the pepper that is growing is bigger than the plant.  I see the sun is shinning today, however today I have to go to my other job.  I did get some herbs picked, Purple & Green Basil, Marjoram, Sage, Oregano, And a few tomatoes, some of which were spilt because of the rain. The Lettuce likes the rain, too much, most of it bolted while we were on a mini vacation to Vermont last week. I will Babble more later Time for work 

Tanning the deer skins

Way past time to tan the deer skin, But both skins came down from the top of the barn, (where they were properly salted for the winter) and the fun begins.I soak them both in tannic water for a few hours, then hang them up on the side of the barn, cover them with borax, let them sit a day and then start the scraping of the fat process. This is usally a repeat procedure, soaking in tannic water and then scraping.  Using a old hack saw blade seems to work the best.  That is day one for tanning the deer skin on Big Brook Farm
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