Garden of Giddens

  (Savannah, Georgia)
Garden of Giddens


We have opened this area, for our members, to share recipes that they have developed from our produce. 

One of my favorite is Balsamic Greens and Roots:

Boil roots in sea salt and garlic to taste til they are tender (fork can penetrate easily)

Rinse with cool water and remove skin with spoon or knife

Slice into skillet with olive oil (and butter-optional), garlic and sea salt.  Bring to heat and brown lightly.  

Add balance of "tops" that have been washed and sliced.  

Allow to wilt (or cook longer if you like), by placing the lid and turning heat to low or off.

 Pour 1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar into a sauce pan and heat, reduce to caramelized state.

Pour  over greens and Enjoy!! Great with cornbread, too.




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