Encino Farmers Market

  (Van Nuys, California)
Encino Farmer's Market supports ONEgeneration senior services

New Summer Vendors...

Sweetpops is a family business ran my Laurena and her father Ricardo. Their pops are all natural and handmade. They get most of their ingredients from local farmers markets and only use raw cane sugar as sweetener. Love and attention goes into each small batch. They strive to use no more than five ingredients at a time to maintain the pureness of the flavor. Laurena’s top favorite is hibiscus raspberry. They have seven different flavors and each week they try to have one or two extra flavors to choose from. Stop by and try them all! Market Accessories is all about fun, fashion, and function! Juanita Lewis is a local vendor who has been in the business for the past six years. She has a ton of items to add glamour to your style while shopping. Some of the neat items include umbrellas, scarves, shopping bags made out of recycled water bottles, and parasols. You’ll find that she sells items that help support the Pasadena Humane Society and environmental organizations. Juanita also carries fun items for the children! Don’t forget to stop by and check out her neat collection! Dates by Daval is a family owned business located in Indio, California. You’ll see Mario and Steven, grandchildren of Daval, running the booth for their grandfather. They have eight different dates to choose from. They are so sweet and so fresh. If you love dates, this is the place to go! Once you try one, you will be hooked!

Cherries and more...

As spring flows into summer the farmers market becomes an exciting place for community members to shop for a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables. We still have tons of cherries including Burlat’s, and of course Brooks and Bings. We also have apricots, peaches and plums, which have been around for a few weeks but are just coming into their own and getting sweeter. We now have corn on the cob, fresh from the fields and will be in its peak into July. We hope to see you next Sunday!
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