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Coffee Can Candle

When I was young, we lived way up in the Adirondack Mountains of NYS and it snowed constantly.  Back then, losing the electric in some areas was quite common during particularly bad  ice storms.  My father made a neat contraption that saved on flashlights.  We used it outside mostly to guide us to the barn or on walks.  You could even run with this thing and the light never went out!  The wind never blew it out either!


Let me see if I can remember how it was made: 

Take an empty  coffee can( 10 or 13 oz size)  (make sure it is tin) only one end open ( this is a good use for empty coffee cans)  and a regular candle that is no higher than 2 inches.  You can also use one of those small round tea candle lights. 

Now, put the coffee can on its side, measure 3 inches from the back of the can. Mark the side of the can and make a hole the width of your candle in to the side of the can.  (This is where the candle will be pushed in to the can, it should be snug, so, take a centimeter or so out. The candle is not to move once it goes in the hole. )  Now, With some type of tool that cuts tin, cut under the can the width of the candle. 

Take the candle and push it up thro the hole.  It has to be very tight or the candle will fall out. 


Now, on top of the can you are going to put a handle so that you can carry this without it burning you or you dropping it:  Take a piece of wire as in a wire coat hanger,  measure about  12 to 13 inches. Cut it.  Then make a hole at the top of the can near the ridged edge of each end (length wise)  just big enough for you to slip one end of the wire into the hole.  Slip the wire in both ends of the can, thus making a handle  (like a purse) to carry the can. Twist the wire so that it stays and doesn’t come out.  Light your candle . 


To use:  after you light the candle, face the can in the direction you are going.  By not cutting out the other end of the can, you have a good reflector.   This makes for a neat light and a reliable one at that!







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