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What May can bring?

What will May bring?  Hot? Cold? Dry? Wet? Frost? Wind?  Who knows!! But we keep right on farming on.  We are planting, weeding, harvesting and selling our produce just like it was any other year, except it isn't like any other year.  We have been doing okay selling our early spring produce such as carrots, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and greens, because we don't really have that much, but as we move into our main spring crops like broccoli and cauliflower, and our summer crops like squash and cucumbers, and eventually tomatoes, we will not be able to sell them all online.  We are hoping and praying that the farmers markets we attend will choose to open back up soon, and that the people who have shopped with us for the last 10 years will be out in full force to buy from us. But it is a troubling time.  
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