Heritage Harvest Farm

  (Galion, Ohio)
Heritage Harvest Farm

Treasure Unearthed Today

With rain forecasted for today and tonight, I was desperate to get outside and work on the south bed of the poly tunnel this morning. Matt had gone over it with the tiller over the weekend, but I really needed to get in there with my pitchfork and work up the sod and break up the clumps of clay.

With all this work in Mommy's agenda, you'd think that Fletcher would be a little bit more understanding. He's got a playhouse full of toys, chalk and miles of concrete to make "pretty pictures" and two dogs to chase and yell "bad boy" to while I get my hands and boots dirty. Ah, no. This was not the case for today.

Fletcher was good for about half an hour, which was enough time for me to work up about a third of the south bed. "Too cold, Mommy... too cold," he informed me. "Go in?"

"Just let me get half-way done, baby, and then we'll go in."

Two seconds later ... "Too cold, Mommy. My go in?"

"Just a few more minutes." I begged, knowing that five minutes is an hour in toddler time. I had to think about how I could entertain Fletcher while I could get my work done when he's obviously miserable and the weather is turning for the worse.

It hit me: "Oh my gosh, Fletcher," I called out. "Look what Mommy found! It's a dinosaur bone."

"T-Rex, Mommy?" he asked. He ran from the back door to where I was knealt down in the dirt.

"I think so! Here's another one," I said as I pulled another rock from the dirt. With Fletcher's supervision, we found at least another six dinosaur bones, probably because that's the amount of dinosaur names I can remember from Nick Jr.'s "Dino Dan."

Farm mommies have to be inventive when it comes to balancing work with entertaining the kids. Who knew Galion was such a dinosaur-bone hotspot? I'll have remeber this one for the next time I've got an antsy boy. Hey, at least I got another 10 minutes to work on this chore.

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