Black Dog Farms

  (Twin Falls, Idaho)
Eatin' Good, Livin' Good


Last summer I built a new little greenhouse in order to test out a few ideas. Basically my ideas revolve around planting some stuff that I have never really grown before. Give it a good start in the early spring and see how they do.

About 2 months ago I planted a whole lot of herb seeds in order to try them out. All of them were set into good dirt in black plastic 1 gallon containers, and stored in my new little greenhouse. So far so good.

It looks like most of them are coming up pretty good now and just may make some herbs for us. Only time will tell.

Not being an expert at greenhouse design, I do believe that a bigger footprint would have been better. It is hard to keep the temperature and airflow properly regulated, but I am reading what I can on the subject, as well as experimenting with different set-ups.

If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.

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