Conroe Saturday AM market

  (Conroe, Texas)
Exciting ways to use Produce

Smoked Chicken, Corn and Potato or Broccoli rice

Dinner tonight was started 3 hours early in anticipation of a 4pm dinner. The wife loves her Large baked Potatoes. And I did not want that to hold up dinner. So into the oven at 1pm on a 1 hour timer at 350F went the Large baker. When that came out it was time to bake the 4 Chicken thighs in Broccoli rice that had Parmesan tomato soup added to it. That baked at 350 F as did the potato with the sea salt, black pepper and canola oil.One more comment about the Chicken thighs, When I purchased and divided the Chicken thighs into manageable packages, I marinated them in Allegro smoke marinade. I also prepared Corn on the cob by boiling water with margarine and fresh guajillo pepper seeds {from a dish in the kitchen window}. At 4pm when the wife walked in the door, Dinner was ready to be served. As I anticipated she chose the Potato, one Smoked chicken thigh and the largest piece of Cobbed corn. I had 2 of the three thighs, Tomato parmesan broccoli rice, and the smaller cobbed corn. The meal was filled with lively conversation as we shared our accomplishments for the day. And now the wife has asked me to enjoy a TV program on 'Fit and Health' channel with her. I will oblige.
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ok now i'm

Posted by deb on August 26, 2011 at 08:46 AM CDT #

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