Collie Flower Farm

  (Woodstock, Illinois)
"Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower." John Harrigan

a new year and a new you

It's a new year and perhaps a new you!

  We all start each year with resolutions to improve ourselves. We hope that this is the year we break bad habits and start good ones, to lose weight, make more time for enjoying our families and friends. After awhile we fall back into old ways and feel guilty.

I hope this year will be different for you and for me. Lets focus on the positive, cheer for each baby step. Lets realize that change is hard and takes time, if we fall, lets get back up and keep going.

Perhaps this year you are making healthy choices in your diet, joining a CSA, or just paying more attention to the foods you buy. Good for you! Make this the year you find out more about locally grown food, try a vegetable you've never eaten, or try to cook healthier food and cut down on  fast food. Get the family involved, look for recipes to try together, make plans to visit local farms and farmers markets. Remember, learning new things is fun and is great exercise for the brain

This year I hope to try more recipes for the amazing vegetables I receive from Beaver Creek Gardens. I want to do more with Kale,everyone seems to be talking about this healthy veg. I am also looking forward to making gallons of fresh tomato soup to enjoy next winter, ( store bought is terrible).

I am also so excited about all the new flower seeds,plugs,and bulbs this season at Collie Flower farm. I will attend a flower growers conference in North Carolina in March where I will be able to tour other flower farms and learn from fellow flower fanatics. I pledge to learn and grow this year and to enjoy each baby step along the way!



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