Riverdance Farms

  (Livingston, California)

Cherries and blueberries in bloom

It is just a few days past the spring equinox and the cherry trees and blueberry bushes are blooming, Honeybees and native bees are buzzing. A pair of Redtail Hawks are courting and building their nest in the Cottonwood trees in the river bottom below the house. 

We finally finished getting a deep shredded almondwood mulch over the crop berms, which will help conserve water, cool the roots and slowly, but surely, add organic matter to the soil. Blueberry plants crave organic matter. 

There were also nearly 1200 native trees and plants planted, by ~ 125 volunteers, around the pond and on another acre+ that is being converted from farmland, back into riparian habitat. We will have one more planting day in April, to finish this portion of wildlife habitat restoration. I will post here, when the date is set, for folks interested in helping the critters. 

The project will be one of the tours at this year's Pick and Gather at Riverdance Farms, May 31 - June 1, 2014.  

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