Spinella Farm

  (Waterford Works, New Jersey)
Life on a 100-year-old market farm

Update at Spinella Farm for the last week in April

We have dodged a bullet the last two days here at Spinella Farm. We had frost Saturday morning that was quite heavy. The potato leaves just popping out of the ground got burnt and that was all. Luckily we have stayed the course and not put in plants before their usual planting time such as tomatoes. The lettuce was spared because of the low tunnels. I haven't check with my local fruit grower but I am sure that he had his turbines running in his orchards.

Last night was another advisory but nothing materialized.

Carrots that I have nurtured are up. So is the Swiss Chard. Planted the last of the potatoes. Next week start to harden tomatoes and basil for transplanting in two weeks.

First market is May 16 and we are excited!

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