Cascun Farm

  (Greene, New York)
raising and processing and selling poultry

Life on a chicken farm

The other day while i stood counting the chickens as we put them into crates for processing the next morning, I began to wonder how exactly it was that I got to where I was at that prescise moment in my life. Although farming did run in my blood (albeit a generation removed), I never dreamt as a child of being the wife of a chicken farmer. As a matter of fact it was a Paleontologist (study of dinosaurs) that I wanted to be right up until high school.  Life has a funny way of taking you in its' own direction and sometimes it is for your own good. Farm life is hard yet so rewarding. It is a 365 day a year job where there is no such thing as calling in sick.  Yet I am able to spend the days with my three children in the summer and when they are sick. We all take pride in the fact that the hard work that we do is shown in the quality of the products we provide to so many tables.  I love that my family gets to learn together the old fashioned values of where your food comes from (well, is supposed to come from). 

So by the time I finished filling the crates, I was quite content with where life had decided to take me and I kissed all of my children and my husband that night before I went to bed and instead of counting chickens, I counted my blessings. 

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