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September 2015 Prep Time/ Garden Report

Today is a great day!

I shall start with the garden report.  The heat did a number on the garden, but we did our best to keep the pests out without using any chemicals.  This means taking a lot of early actions and keeping tabs on the weeds.  It took a lot of hard sweaty work, but in the long run we are able to keep the harvest going a bit longer.  We are in the midst of a huge heat wave, I have a feeling this may terminate the tomatoes as they can only handle so much.  We did a ton of preserving when the gettin was good. Lots of tomato sauce, relish, hot sauce, jams, you name it.  We are hoping in the future to share these all with the outside world, however, if you have any interest in these things, you can always ask, we may just have something available for you.  Our Melons took of running and then just stopped.  Our cucumbers could have done better, but they did not do bad either, again, I think is was heat related. What seems to do the best are the peppers, they fought both the heat and the bugs.  WE tried some new peppers this year and they also did well.  We had to cut back on the bell peppers as well never seem to be able to keep up with them. 

 What to change for next year....Bigger and better.  We will be expanding yet again.  This time we will be putting in long rows of tomatoes and melons (cantaloupe).  We also plan on putting in some long term blueberries. To combat the weeds we will be solarizing the ground this year. This means we have to find another place to put our fall garden, how can we go without garlic and onions???  We will have to figure that one out.  

 Harvest is coming.  We are in full on prep mode.  We had our first employee of the season start today and he looks like he is ready to get the job done.  We are rebuilding a walnut huller and cleaning out the orchard for the trees.  It is full speed ahead from here till November.  I will check back in with you all then.  

We are growing and learning and expanding every year.  Can't wait to see how we finish this year off. 

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