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  (McDavid, Florida)
We are a local CSA offering herbicide/pesticide free produce

Fall Boxes

Hello!  With all this rain we've had, our produce is bountiful!  We are excited to offer our Fall boxes starting September 20.  Please call us at:  850-777-4668 

Or see our website at



We are now offering home delivery for some of our members.  Please call for fuel charges. 

Summer boxes start May 18.. 


The summer boxes have been fabulous!

What a nice summer!  The boxes look great!  Lots of tomatoes and beautiful cucumbers and more!  The fall subscriptions start in September.  Call us for details.  (850) 777-4668.

Summer boxes start May 21

Hello everyone!  I am sorry I have neglected this blog!  We are starting our 2018 summer boxes on May 21.  Check out our website for details.  

EEverything is looking great on the farm.  The bees seem to be producing well and the produce looks fabulous.  The chickens are laying also.   


Summer boxes start May 22

We are excited to announce our summer box subscription will start on May 22.  We have lots of new tomato varieties and squash varieties and many more for this season.2222016 Text pic for members.jpg

The new dates for spring and summer have been posted

Please check out our website at


6th week of fall subscription and looking forward to winter boxes

Winter boxes coming soon.  Please give us a call at 850-777-4668

Summer Subscriptions start on Monday, May 23

Our summer subscription starts on Monday!  

Happy Spring

It is beautiful here on the farm.  The weather is typical spring, cool one day, warm the next.  Everything is blooming and looking hopeful for a wonderful summer harvesting season.  The Spring boxes are in week six and we are already preparing for your summer boxes and fall boxes.  That is how it is on a farm.  Always looking way ahead to prepare for a successful planting and harvest.  We are now open for the public to sign up for our summer boxes.  Give us a call.  2222016 Text pic for members.jpg

2016 Membership Agreement

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It's CSA Day!

Happy CSA Day!  CSA's are getting much more popular across the country and world as many folks are more determined to support the local farmer.  So, it's a great day to celebrate!  Wherever you are, support your local farmer by purchasing directly from him/her today!  

Today the Spring boxes start!

Thanks to all who have signed up.  We are at capacity for Spring, but will be taking applications soon for the summer boxes/membership.

Please give us a call at 850-777-4668 for any questions. 


New subscriptions taken now

We are filling up at a comfortable pace for the Spring boxes, which start on February 15.   We have a few openings still.  We will have ready for the first week, weather permitting, heirloom, artisan lettuce, radishes, scallions/spring onions, turnips, beets, sugar snap peas, collards, kale and some herbs.  

 Have a super day and thanks for checking out our blog! 


Next year's dates posted

Next year's dates are tentatively set and we are ready to go!  We are going ahead and accepting subscriptions for Spring, Summer and Fall so we can plan more effectively.

Please let us know if you would like a newsletter and/or registration packet.  

Have a blessed Christmas!

The Aliff Family 


Nice mini fall box season!

Thanks to all of our Fall box subscribers!  The greens and roots have been beautiful.  Our tomato crop in the hoophouse didn't produce as fast as we would have liked, but hopefully we will have some in the December boxes.  Subscriptions for this will open up within the week, just need to solidify the dates for you!  Please give us a call with any questions.  850-777-4668.  
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