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Capelli Farms is OPEN!

Greetings from Capelli Farms! We have opened for the 2020 season and are so excited. Our CSA program is in full swing but are still signing folks up for the program, if you are interested. New for this year is our half share that feeds approx 2-3 people. Our full share feeds approx 4-5. Interested? Check out our info on our website The Farm is open seven days a week (pending weather). Mon-Sat 10-6; Sundays 10-4. We would love for you to stop by and see what all our excitement is about. Later in the season we will be picking our wild flowers, sun flowers, etc. We carry locally grown produce and honey. We hope to see you soon! FARM: 732-796-2684.

Capelli Farms is closed for the 2019 Season.

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Capelli Farms is now closed for the 2019 season. We thank all our friends and patrons for their loyalty and support. We look forward to our 2020 season and seeing everyone. Thank you all!

Mums the Word!

We are enjoying the fall season. We hope that you are too! We have seen many of our customers and friends for all their fall produce and fall yard decorations. Have you stopped by yet? We have brilliantly colored mums and celosias and a vast assortment of pumpkins and gourds. Our hay bales are piled high and the corn stalks are so tall!! This is a great time of year to take a drive and stop by the farm. It is so colorful and apples, etc., make a great snack. As you bite into the apple, the crispness and juiciness can remind you of when we were kids. This is a great time to give your children some wonderful memories. We sincerely hope that everyone enjoys this beautiful time of year. Stop by the farm or our Kanes Lane location to witness the glorious colors of fall! We thank all our friends and customers for their support and loyalty!! See you soon!

Farm Happenings!

Hello! We've had a busy summer and are gearing up for Autumn to make her vibrant return to NJ. Summer produce is still here, do not worry! From tomatoes to corn, eggplant to cucumbers, the farm is fully stocked. If you would like to buy in bulk, please let us know! So, what has been happening? Well, we've been busy! We have garnered more land to grow on for one thing! It has been a lot of hard work, but we get the job done. We also built greenhouses, which make for nice housing for our plants. All of the fresh air, rain (yes, we have had a lot of that this summer) and bees sure continue to help them thrive, We continue to sell to local businesses and it has been wonderful. Many of your nearby restaurants and grocery stores provide you with our produce! We also continue to donate an abundance of produce to local charities. We love to do so. Very soon (in the upcoming weeks), apples, squashes, pumpkins, hay bales and other Autumnal items will be here! Don't forget- we are open Monday through Saturday from 10-6, and Sunday from 10-5!

It's Almost Time...

Happy Summer! It's been too long at the farm, BUT the time is nearing for our 2019 opening! We are very excited to be back and see our wonderful customers! We are almost ready to open. We are working daily for the first week of July! That is when we plan to open for you all! Stay tuned for updates on an official opening date!

Spring Has Arrived!

Hi everybody! Yes, we are still closed sadly, but in a few months....that will NOT be the case! Currently, we are brainstorming for the upcoming season, but we also are very busy already at our landscape/nursery location in Middletown! Spring is officially here, so please email us with any inquiries! We are more than ecstatic to help. See you soon!

Winter Break or Bust

Hi everybody! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, we can no longer say "Winter is coming" (dragons in tow). No signs of a blizzard yet, but before we know it Spring will be here. It saddens us that the farm is still closed, but NJ weather is not kind to harvesting during this season. We patiently await our opening day, which is to be determined. Our loyal customers are dear people to us and we miss them. Plus, we always find joy in meeting new customers every year. Behind the scenes, we have big plans for our beloved farm! You just have to wait and see. We just wanted to write a little blurb to say that we haven't gone far! Stay tuned!

Fall is in Full Swing!

It finally feels like Fall! For us out on the farm, it sure got cold quickly. However, it is surprisingly cozy. It's funny how quickly seasons come and go. We became quite used to the heat and copious amounts of produce daily. Now, it has gotten chilly and the scent of pumpkin fills the air. We love seeing our customers get into the Fall spirit daily. Picking the perfect pumpkin, snatching up some apple sauce and hitting the hay rides make for a fun time! We even have some funky looking gourds spread out and people have embraced their unusual appearance! This Fall, we incorporated homemade crafts and homemade candles. Our friend Gloria over at "Earth & Body Works" partnered up with us this season! She makes all-natural, soy, handmade candles. They burn cleanly and are overall a better fit for your home. They certainly have been a nice addition at our farm stand. Witch scents such as November Rain and Rustic Cedar Wood, customers continued to pick up the Fall vibe. Look out, because next year we plan to incorporate more items! Come on by! We are open! Just because October is on its way out, doesn't mean that Fall is!

Summer 2018= A SUCCESS!

Hi! Well, Fall is here. Summer is gone. We have to say, this past summer was our biggest summer yet! We could not keep produce on the shelf for long. Everyday, we met new customers. Our new friends have been wonderful and we appreciate you! It's a dream come true! Of course, our regulars were fantastic, as usual. Seeing you all almost daily made everyone happy and we can't thank you enough! Your patronage means the world to us, but your word of mouth also has not gone unnoticed! Besides meeting so many new people and reuniting with our old friends, we met with a local charity and began donating food! The Backpack Crew is superb! They feed hungry families, locally! Seeing them weekly and hearing of their stories was eye-opening. So many families in our area are hungry and our new friends work night and day to help! We were more than ecstatic to donate throughout the summer! We even had out-of-state visitors! We had quite a few! They all agreed: There is nothing like Jersey produce. So many of these lovely visitors would stock up on our produce and bring it home! They brought Jersey to states such as Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia and more! Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program grew! Weekly, our deliveries and pickups went great. We looked forward to seeing our subscribers each week. The compliments meant so much. No produce went to waste and because of their recipe suggestions, we started our recipe group on Facebook! Speaking of social media, we began our Instagram in the winter. Today, we have hundreds of followers! It continues to grow daily. The feedback has been, well....awesome! People have begun to find us through Instagram! Our Facebook has grown and more and more people have viewed our website! For a farm that is rather new, we sure have come a long way and it is 100% because of you! Thank you so much! Do not worry though, because we are still open! Summer is no means was the end...

We're Open!

WE ARE OPEN! That is right, we're back! As of the Fourth of July, we have been open and ready to see you all again! From 10 AM until 6 PM, we will be open daily. We currently have corn, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, string beans, eggplant, peaches & white peaches. The rest of our produce is growing, but will be ready soon! Plus, we will have fresh cut flowers before you know it, as well as herbs. We are still young, but all of the tireless and long hours from our owner and employees have really turned the farm around. From being overgrown and uninhibited, it is now up and running. Naturally, there is still so much to be done, but we have come an extremely long way from where we began. It is true what they say about farmers. Farmers are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet. Our owner alone barely stops working, just so that our community can have what they need. Now that we are open for this season and upcoming seasons, please stop in and grab anything that you would like!

CSA Season is Almost Here!

The weather may not feel like June, but June is HERE. In a few short weeks, our farm will be open and produce will be here! We are still working to get everything ready, so stay tuned for an opening date. We are extremely excited to see everybody again! Have you ever heard of a CSA? It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This is when consumers purchase a share of their local farmer's produce for a specific amount of weeks. Each week, consumers receive various fruits and vegetables from the farm. The idea is that consumers will not need to go shopping for their produce, because it is already ready for them! Here at Capelli Farms, we offer a CSA program! We start in July and end in September. Weekly, consumers will receive 15 produce items in a box. We give them the option to either pick up the box from our farm or we will deliver it to their door! The convenience of it all, plus the delicious freshness are what keeps everyone happy! A weekly supply can feed a family of four comfortably, which makes for a happy family. Did we mention that the money saving is also a key factor? CSA shareholders can save double, sometimes triple the dollar amount that they would normally spend elsewhere. Plus, you automatically earn a 10% discount at our farm stand as a member! We have more than produce there! If you would like to become a CSA shareholder, now is the perfect time to sign up! Please email or call us! CapelliFarms@Gmail.Com or 732-796-2684.

Grown in Monmouth

Last night, we attended a Grown in Monmouth meeting! Have you heard about them? They're not only a wonderful program under The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders, but a passionate group of people dedicated to providing Monmouth County citizens with local produce. To meet with fellow, local farmers and restaurant owners is always great, but to do so in a supportive setting is even better. Everybody is friendly and wants each other to succeed. To start, the program runners Sue & John are incredibly kind and welcoming. It is an open environment where ideas and questions are thrown around and everybody has open ears. The big topic of the night was social media and promotion. Here at Capelli Farms, we have been updating our Facebook more often, but also have recently created an Instagram. We absolutely have been delighted by the compliments and following that has come our way. For a new farm like ours, it's a joy. We are going into the 2018 season with plans to bring you more visual content. As Monmouth County citizens, we want to show you often what we are up to! If you visit the farm or even our landscaping site, then we would love for you to take photos and tag us, plus feel free to share! We love hearing from you! If you would like to hear more about Grown in Monmouth, then please visit their website: & take a look! We are very happy to be affiliated with them!

Hello NJ!

Hey there New Jerseyites! Capelli Farms here and we have so much to tell you, especially after this never ending winter. Ever heard of us? If you haven't, then that's okay. We're still new! Two years ago, Mr. Capelli purchased this property and began a rehabilitation process. It was abandoned and it was overgrown. His vision was to create a family farm, filled with fresh produce and fun for all. With this dream in mind, he began the journey to turn the withered area into a beautiful, thriving farm. With some help, everybody worked from sun up until sun down, in order to achieve his dream. The process was tedious, but was well worth it. Not long after our opening, the public started to discover us. Soon enough, Capelli Farms was gaining new customers daily! The days of being deserted were long gone. People now knew us and we now knew them. Even though we are far from those initial stages in 2016, we constantly are finding new ways to rejuvenate the property. Nothing ever grows by staying the same. The seeds were planted from the beginning. We were not going to just grow fruits and veggies, then call it a day. Of course, produce was immediately implemented, but Mr. Capelli thought bigger. Not long after our start, he began to add in herbs, flowers and seasonal d├ęcor. The farm was evolving. With our 2018 season quickly approaching, the ideas have been flowing. All of your favorite items will be returning, but as will new items as well. The biggest addition to our property is being built as we speak! That's right, our very own greenhouse is coming your way! We needed more space to grow and it's definitely happening! We can't spoil every surprise, but please stay tuned! We could not have gotten this far without your support and will not let you down! Feel free to ask us any questions or to just say hi. We are actively checking our Facebook and Instagram, always interested in conversing with you. Thank you all for taking the time to read this blog and know that a new blog will be posted at least once a week!
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