Broad Shoulders Farm

  (Sutherlin, Virginia)
Our mission is to grow the cleanest, tastiest, most nutrient-dense food in Southside Virginia!

Eggs—Chocolate, Pink, Blue and More—Keep Coming

Oh, how I love gathering these little baskets of sunshine! These are from the Mediterranean and Pacific Rim flock and the colors are still delightful. Daily production is dwindling , though, so if you see us at the Farmers Market, grab a dozen while you can! Be sure to subscribe to our weekly Letter from the Farm, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @BroadShouldersFarm for all the latest! IMG_9140.JPG

Colorful Eggs Continue


IMG_9227.JPG After taking a very leisurely week laying last week—18-24 eggs or less on some days—the girls outdid themselves on Sunday with 36 beautiful, colorful eggs! The weather here has fluctuated from overnights in the 30s and 40s to days in the 50s and 60s, but our multi-breed strategy of unique, curated flocks with more than two dozen heritage and rare breeds is paying off. Some of our pullets thrive in the hot, humid summer, but come to a full stop when the weather turns chilly—our Minorcas and Andalusians. Others really come into their own during the shorter days of late fall and winter—our Brahmas and Faverolles. And others still seem to just chug along year round—Rocks, Dominiques, Australorps. When the days are much colder and there's much less light, we'll see how we're doing, but for now, we still have fresh , colorful eggs available weekly. Contact us for your dozen! ~Ben Subscribe to our weekly Letter from the Farm for our latest news and giveaways. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @BroadShouldersFarm

Fewer Eggs as Fall Begins, But Still Colorful and Rich


IMG_0888.JPG As cold weather comes, our pullets are laying fewer eggs, and the colors are less intense, but they're still far more beautiful than what you'll find in grocery stores, and the taste—people are raving about the richness! We'll have dozens available as long as the girls keep laying. Come see us at the Downtown South Boston Farmers Market this Saturday, 10/20, in the morning and at Franchesca's Dawn Farm's Open House the same afternoon. Hope to see you there!

Broad Shoulders Farm at Franchesca's Dawn Open House October 20

6897b15a-94c6-4ce8-b54c-c57709722e57.jpg Saturday, October 20th from 1-5PM, we'll have artisan bread, muffins, and fresh, colorful eggs for sale at Franchesca's Dawn Farm's Open House! The farm is located at 2137 Clays Mill Road, Halifax, VA 24558. Farmer Amie Herrera was kind enough to invite us to come set up and she's planned quite an amazing time. There'll be a food truck, petting zoo, live music, cooking demos, local beverages, tours of her new farm store, and more! Like us, Amie is committed to raising clean, good food in Southside, with a focus on pastured meats. Come check out her farm, and see us, too! NOTE -- This event is at Franchesca's Dawn Farm at 2137 Clays Mill Road, Halifax, VA 24558, NOT here at BSF.

My Favorite Freckled Egg So Far!

42164561_940187652842859_6066676691835551744_o.jpg This may be one of my favorite handfuls since the girls started laying! That salt and pepper one on the left has got me like ????. If you want beautiful, gorgeous eggs like these for you and your family, come see us at the Downtown South Boston Farmers Market Saturdays from 7AM ’till 12NOON. Chicken eggs are $6 a dozen, or $5 a week for shareholders. We also have organic bread and baked goods, and weekly artisan bread shares available. Contact us for details, or sign up for our weekly letter from the farm!
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