TLC Ranch

  (Watsonville, California)

What's Growing On 5.8.09

Here's a quick run-down of what is new:

-We bought a new (used) refrigerated truck to transport eggs and meat.  Thank you so much to the egg share customers who made this a reality for us.

-Our eggs are in all kinds of stores now, including New Leaf Community Markets, Whole Foods in the Bay Area, and many small, independent grocers such as Staff of Life, Food Bin, Rainbow Co-op, Other Avenues Co-op, Berkeley Bowl, and more.

-Our new pre-printed 1/2 dozen egg cartons just arrived today!  They will likely be the first eggs seen in grocery stores with the words, "Pasture-Raised" on them!

-Our new website is up and running-

-We have a bunch of new sausage varieties, including chorizo, bratwurst, breakfast, and sweet italian.  Just in time for summer grilling.

-Our nitrate-free bacon arrives in two weeks!

-We have 4 tamworth boars for sale who are ready for breeding!

-It's Friday, beautiful outside, and I think I am going for a run!


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