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Calving At Rainbow Ranch Farms

BEHOLD, a pure breed, pedigree Dexter calf born on 11/03/2011 at 1:20pm and weighed 45lbs.

within 10-15 minutes of being born, this beauty was standing, walking and jumping!

The Dam: a registered, pure breed, pedigree Dunn Dexter.

The Sire: a registered, pure breed, pedigree Black Dexter.

To save a calf and his Dam we called in the troups, our friends, Veterinarians, family, farm members, volunteers, fellow ranchers and farmers: John Buccanan (veterinarian, cattle/horse rancher), Keith Betar (Race horses/cattle rancher), Sue Betar (pediatric nurse, race horses,cattle rancher), Mary (goat farmer, practicing M.H./livestock caretaker), David Shirley (business man, volunteer, farm member, Restaurateur), Carl (pasture management specialist, cattle/horse rancher), Dennis Kelley (cattle rancher, farmer, livestock caretaker), Xenia (animal science, M.H., cattle rancher, farmer, livestock caretaker/humane handling consultant), Jaime Sinclair (humane handling consultant, veterinarian, sheep farmer and ruminant specialist), Scott Way (cattle rancher, contractor, lowline breeder). Team work at Rainbow Ranch Farms for over 10 days & nights.

In all the time we have been breeding and growing cattle, this is the first complication we have ever encountered, and resulting in a loss. This is a rare situation.

This was a difficult calving for Midge and compications started over 10 days before the calving.

The Dam was lost, despite the round-the-clock efforts of many specialists. This was a heart break to be felt for a lifetime. Midge was a graceful heifer and had a gentle dispostion.

It was a miracle the Dam held on as long she did and calved a beautiful, healthy calf. The Dam passed away within 3 hours of calving.

Below is Midge, just after calving. We kept the mother with calf together and gave them plenty of privacy.

Eventually the calf laid by his mother and took a nap. While the calf was napping, Midge passed away and the calf was then brought inside the house.

Currently the calf is in the laundry room, sleeping on moving blankets, being bottle fed raw goat milk. I was able to extract some of the mothers cholostrum and although it was not abundant, it will do. Thank God We have plenty of A-2 colostrum and milk here on the farm.

Just hours after being pulled from his mother, the calf was hungry and running around with the cattle. We offered him warm goat milk, with colostrum from his mother, mixed with goat colostrum.

Here at Rainbow Ranch Farms we grow free range,  grass fed, pastured meats. We are breeders of heritage cattle, sheep, turkeys, chickens, goats, game birds and hogs.

Grown to perfection without any G.M.O's, no corn, no soy, no wheat, no barley, no grains and gluten-free!




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