Bramble Trampler Farm, LLC

Falmouth, Kentucky

Bramble Trampler Farm, LLC was founded in January 2014 by Daniel and Dawn Tinney. We started with a piece of raw land covered in chest high weeds, wild raspberries, and wild roses. That is where we arrived at the name bramble trampler, because that's basically what we had to do to start clearing fields. As we developed the farm, we focused on trying to create a balance of clear fields and wild spaces. The farm sits on 35 acres outside of Sunrise, Kentucky. Over the last three years, we have cleared fields that cover about 12 acres, leaving the balance in woods and wildflower meadows. We raise a variety of medicinal and tea herbs as well as keep several hives of bees for raw, unprocessed honey. All of our plants are sustainably grown. We use no synthetic fertilizers or soil inputs, and we use no chemical herbicides or pesticides. We do not use GMO seeds. All of our seeds are open pollinated and most are heirloom varieties. We raise all of out own transplants as well. Herbs are sold cut and sifted, flowers are sold dried whole, and honey is sold in one pound jars. We look forward to offering high quality herbs and honey to those who value a natural life.

Listing last updated on Apr 19, 2018

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