Find Cantaloupes

Netted melons, called cantaloupes in America are actually muskmelons. It is hard to believe that something as sweet and satisfying as a slice of cantaloupe can be so low in calories.

Cantaloupe have a reputation for being difficult to pick, here are a few tips which might help: If stem end is rough with portions of stem remaining it means it was harvested too soon. It should be well netted, with a smooth depressed scar at the stem end. if one side looks lighter, that's the side which was in contact with the ground. Nothing wrong with this. Cantaloupes with a tighter netting are supposed to have a firmer and crisper texture.

Fragrance and a golden color are indicative of ripeness. If in season, cantaloupe should ideally be picked when ripe, but out of season cantaloupe may be allowed to ripen at room temperature for a few days. Once cut, refrigerate covered in cling film and without removing seeds to maintain juiciness.

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