Cruze Farm is a family dairy farm in Knoxville, Tennessee. We milk Jersey cows and bottle our own whole pasteurized Jersey milk. We also pasteurize and bottle real churned buttermilk, light milk and chocolate milk. We also churn ice cream on our farm starting with milk and cream from our Jersey Cows, eggs from Tickiwoo Farm, cane sugar and salt. Our cows are on pasture 365 days a year and are never given hormones. Our milk is not homogenized so the cream rises to the top. You will find our milk in many local markets, mom-and-pop grocery stores, and food cooperatives throughout East Tennessee. Our dairy is a state approved and inspected milk processing plant. Several years ago we placed a conservation easement on our farm and hope that it will now be "a farm forever."

Listing last updated on Nov 13, 2013

Cream top milk and Real churned buttermilk!

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Please email us for more information. We wholesale our products to stores in Tennessee.

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My grown daughter has been telling me for a few years, how good Cruze Farms milk is. I have never been a milk drinker, so i had not tried it. I actually bought some Cruze Farms,(WHOLE milk), the other day, and i am just sooooo in love! I drink a glass of milk every night now! I never used to ever drink milk.... [more]

After reading more and more about the state of our food system and what industrialize foods are doing to us and the plants and animals we depend on for food, I've started looking for alternatives.... [more]

Picked up a half gallon of this spectacular milk at a small local market, and we were astounded at the taste. Although they stopped carrying it at the small market (Corner Market in Clinton/Claxton), I was glad to find it (considerably farther away) at Earthfare.... [more]

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