Our ranch is located in mountainous North Eastern California, and our climate is usually cool and dry most of the year.

We raise Perendale and CVM/Romeldale sheep which graze on irrigated pastures for most of the year.

Perendale sheep are a New Zealand dual purpose breed and their wool is prized by handspinners. There are only 5 purebred and registered Perendale flocks in the US at the moment. We maintain our flock by AI with semen from hand-picked New Zealand rams. Our Perendale sheep are white and the wool is long and considered a medium grade, although it is very soft.

CVM/Romeldales are an endangered farm breed. There are only about 200 registered at this time. They are mostly colored and their wool is fine.

All of our sheep produce quality wool which we sell to handspinners.

Listing last updated on Oct 3, 2013

Fleeces are now available from our Perendales, which are shorn in the Fall. We have outstanding clean fleeces which come from sheep which live on irrigated pasture.

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This yarn dyes up just beautiful. I can't wait to make a lovely scarf with it. Thanks so much!

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