EarthAngel Seeds was born after years of requesting local garden centers to offer heirloom and open pollinated seeds. I finally realized that if someone was going to offer those seeds in my area, I would have to do it myself!

I now sell seeds in person at The Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market in Memphis, TN and the enthusiastic response from many out of town visitors has encouraged me to use the internet and social media to offer seeds to more customers.

I am an urban gardener and I believe that we are the future of food independence. I am offering small packages of open-pollinated, heirloom and organic seeds so that you can customize your gardens to your liking. My long term plan is to work with local urban farmers and market gardeners to grow out many varieties of seed. EarthAngel Seeds is still in its infancy, so your purchase of my seeds, which I buy in bulk from the major heirloom seed companies, will help provide the (literal) "seed money" to make the next step of my dream come true.

I am particularly interested in seeds suited to the Southern Interior growing region, because our area seems to be the orphan child of many gardening books and seed companies, but, of course, Mother Earth has a generous spirit and many of my seeds will happily grow in your region, too.

I especially love educating new gardeners, and I believe that ANYONE can grow SOMETHING!

Listing last updated on Jun 19, 2013

Open-pollinated, heirloom and organic seeds for the home gardener. Small packets and small prices allow you to try many different varieties. Special focus on seeds suitable for the Southern Interior growing region.

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