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Frederick, Maryland

Sometimes inspiration comes from cooking lima beans. When I subscribed to a local CSA two years ago, I could not use the big boxes of fresh food fast enough so I dried or froze a lot of it. While blanching some lima beans, it occurred to me that my children do not know how to do this. Taking literally every home economics class my high school offered earned me the nickname Becky Home-Ecky, so writing this app was a natural for me so that was when the idea for the Farmers' Market Companion was born. While I am no stranger to growing food, having grown up working in a large family garden as a child, my own kids grew up in a townhouse development. I think we grew radishes one year and one pretty terrible cantaloupe.

Studies indicate that more people would go to farmers markets if they knew more about what to buy there and what to do with it once they get it home. The Farmers' Market Companion profiles 88 fruits and vegetables: how to spot quality, how to store fresh food for longest life, and some simple-to-make, delicious preparation ideas. The Farmers' Market Companion makes it easy to be an expert about farmers markets why buying local is a great idea, shopping tips, and even some philosophical thoughts about fresh local food. The app includes an interactive shopping list so a customer's iPhone/iPod reminds the user what foods to look for right at the market displays. Local Harvest is featured in the app, as well, and linked so that users can locate local food sources.

I've included a Kitchenary that defines some terms from the market table to the dining room table. Folks can amaze and astonish their friends with the information they learn about agriculture in this app. I worked in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department of the University of Maryland Extension for several years and know firsthand how most people are disconnected from their food. The Farmers' Market Companion helps reestablish that connection through helpful information about fruits and vegetables. The next release will include a wider variety of farmers' market products including meat, dairy, bakery and specialty items.

The Farmers' Market Companion is an iPhone/iPod Touch app developed by J2 App Development. For more information visit

Listing last updated on Apr 3, 2010

The Farmers' Market Companion is an iPhone/iPod Touch app that will help you shop confidently at farmers' markets in order to enhance your nutrition, health and life, while keeping local dollars local.

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