Galen Bontrager Farm is an individually owned and operated "beyond organic" farm dedicated to raising high quality meat and eggs with pasture-based farming methods. I raise Salad Bar Beef, Salad Bar Lamb, pastured pork, pastured broilers, pastured turkeys, and pastured eggs. My farming methods were acquired during my apprenticeship with the best farmer in the country, Joel Salatin and Polyface Inc., in Virginia. (Joel was featured in The New York Times runaway bestseller "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan)

My animals are managed in an intensive rotational grazing system. Beef and sheep are fed pasture and hay. The poultry are raised on pasture getting lots of sunshine and exercise. Pigs get fresh air, a place to wallow, and actually get to see daylight on my farm. I am not certified organic but grain used for the poultry is non-GMO and I avoid the use of drugs, hormones, and chemicals in my land and animal management.

Chicken and turkey are custom raised and picked up on the farm. I also take orders for beef, pork, and lamb. Please call me for ordering information. Also ask about farm tours. Your patronage supports ecologically sound farming, humane animal husbandry, a family farming tradition, and keeps dollars in the community when you buy at Galen Bontrager Farm.

Joyfully at your service!

Galen Bontrager

Listing last updated on Apr 18, 2019

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Business hours: Monday through Saturday by appointment only.

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Galen Bontrager is the Michael Jordan of organic farming. We have bought meat from him for years and count not be more satisfied. He is the best!

As a health care provider, quality grass fed meat is important as it is the source of omega 3 fatty acids for those of us not on the coast, and probably safer quality meat than fish anymore with all the pollution.... [more]

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