Garden Inspirations is a mother - daughter owned company in Waxahachie, Texas. We offer a CSA Mentorship Program and are taking applications for 2012. The program begins January 15, 2012 and ends December 10, 2012. You will learn how to garden in North Texas by working side by side with us throughout the gardening seasons, and in return we will help you in your gardens.

We offer a variety of Garden Education Classes, including Fall & Spring Vegetable Gardening, Canning & Preservation Class, Wildlife, Specialty classes that pertain to garden methods and measures.

We are also the DFW TRUCK FARMERS for Dallas Fort-Worth. The Truck Farm is a vegetable garden in the bed of the a truck that we travel to and fro the local schools promoting gardening in small spaces! Schedule your appointment by emailing us

It is our mission to encourage, produce, challenge and promote every family in America to learn some aspect of Vegetable Gardening. We believe we have gone too far from our roots. Americans need to know how to be more self-sustainable like our ancestors were. Not that everyone has to garden but we need to know that we can garden, grow our own produce, KNOW WHERE OUR FOOD COMES FROM and preserve our fresh vegetables from our own harvest. We encourage gardening on all levels, large and small; even if it is a container on the back porch or on an apartment balcony, PLANT SOMETHING EDIBLE. It is very rewarding to reap a harvest from a tiny seed of hope

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We brew Fresh Compost Tea April - October call us! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Groupon all information is on our website! Sign up for any of our classes - Garden Classes, Canning Classes, Chicken Classes and more!

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I love their classes! They give a lot of information and follow it with hands-on activities. The class learned about mulching and got to go outside and actually mulch a row in the garden.

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Lying down in the nut grass, by Marilyn


First I must say how thankful I am for the sprinkling of rain and the wonderful cloud cover on Saturday.  It gave me hope fall is coming. Don woke me at 5a.m. and said it?s raining, I jumped up ran outside in my jammies and did a little rain jig!

My, my, my Marigold Marilyn?s garden is so full of nut grass.... [more]

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