Mail-order 100% insecticide-free & peanut-free red, green, and the customary tan English walnuts grown for over 25 years the old-fashioned way with cover crops and "good-bug" biological controls leading to plump Chandler, Tulare, Vina and Yolo Red walnuts. Check out our "freebies" at the quickie catalog at www.Walnuts.US or e-mail us via haag AT for special prices. Our family farm is over 30 years old... Our list of healthy natural walnut products includes: 1) Green walnuts (available in June only for your recipes) 2) Walnut leaves (available in July only for wines, etc.) 3) "Wet" walnuts (available in Sept only for eating, etc.) 4) Red and tan walnuts inshell (**available Oct.-March**) 5) Red and tan walnuts shelled (**available year-round**)

Listing last updated on Sep 5, 2020

Newcrop red/green/tan English walnuts, plump & 100% bugspray-free! Green walnuts in June, walnuts leaves in July, "Wet" walnuts in September, and red walnuts year-round...WOW.

Inshell and shelled walnuts, palletized with 25-lb cardboard boxes. See www.Walnuts.US page 2 catalog prices and figure a discount of at least 30%.
All walnuts are 100% insecticide-free, as well as peanut-, soy-, gluten-, and manure-free.

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We have had fantastic customer service and great communication with the people at Haag Farm. They are helpful and go out of their way to get the walnuts to us quickly.... [more]

The customer service this farm provides (the owner, Jim Haag) is the worst that I have EVER experienced. He did not send my $1400 order as I ordered it.... [more]

I've been buying inshell and shelled walnuts from Haag from for a few years. They are very fresh and delicious!!

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